Mel Brooks…the most lovable goof in the world.

He’s gone and done it again.

I  was slogging through the Sunday Plain Dealer feeling pretty angry and miserable with the way the world was going when suddenly I happened into the Art’s section and there he was, God’s answer to a bad day…Mel. When a reporter’s questioned how his play “Young Frankenstein” had been received in Providence,  Brooks responded,

 “They told me the crowd was standing on their seats. I said, “No kidding? They must have been short.”

And suddenly I was laughing and remembering watching the original movie at the old Homestead Theater, and in the darkness suddenly hearing my sister Mary Ellen’s raucous laugh and I hadn’t even known she was in the theatre until that movie started. “Young Frankenstein”, is coming back to Cleveland and this time it’s going to be a play, and I’d give my eye teeth to see it. There’s to be a satire of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s music by the woman who makes love to the Frankenstein,  and and I can’t wait for the lyrics. As Mel has said, the good Docktor had a clear case of “Womb Envy”…had to even be capable of creating a life…too, too funny! 

This wonderful interview by Tony Brown was in Sunday’s Plain Dealer, so look online and see if you can find it at . In it Mel Brooks talks about the possibility of making “Blazing Saddles” into a play and drawing strings of recognition from Cleavon Little’s situation as the “New Sheriff in town” to Obama in Washington. This could be the stuff of dreams, this ability to take reality and bite into its tongue and not let go until people get it.

And if you get a chance look up Cleavon Little on and read more about Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles and the out-takes. You’ll definitely be laughing.

P.S.  This concept of the “Blazing Saddles” play drawing the parallels back to Obama in Washington….hysterical.

I love Mel.

One response to “Mel Brooks…the most lovable goof in the world.

  1. You and Dave should go see that play. You haven’t been to a play in forever. Do it as an early Christmas present to yourself!

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