Mary and the light of truth…

The author wrote, “the truth is right”, and I read instead…”the truth is light”, and then I realized I had read the line the way I wanted it to read. The way I recognize the world. The truth is LIGHT.

That’s how you can tell your seeing the “truth”.

 It put me in mind of people who can see the light of truth, in other people. My sister Mary is like that, she can spot a lie at thirty paces. She is a phenom, boarding on psychic until she tells you in clear precise logic just how she arrived at her opinion, and invariably she is right! But it makes me think how all people light up when they hear the truth, a lot of time you’ll see it in an audience when a comedian has just finished her punchline, and has neatly served the gods of comedy by serving up the truth in such a surgically precise and logical fashion that the audience and she are surrounded by an awareness and long sustained helpless laughter of recognition of the utter truth put into an arena they can laugh about because it pertains to all of them alike. The next time you see something truly funny…look around…you’ll see each and every person lit up with the joy of truth. And they are LIT UP…just look at how truth put the correct way can cause  joy and transform all of us into beauties. You can choose to tell the truth this way, with insight and a surgical skill, making people laugh or you can be a monster and just bludgeon them about the head with it.

 Choose to tell the truth with kindness, making them laugh. Recognizing in themselves, a flawed and distinctly human being who is capable of both recognizing and perhaps, ultimately changing this behavior.

This “light of truth” look , this look where you can see the light in people is unmistakable. Because you know the truth when you see it. Now, my sister Mary Ellen, can spot a lie. Every time, its amazing because she just knows when the lie is told. Just as you or I do when we SEE the truth coming out of somebody. Ergo, it’s no surprise she’s also my funniest sister, a joy and sometimes a terror to be around because she can spot a lie. 

But as we get older we all want to be the one who gets to sit closest to her and hear the great funny stories, almost inevitably about her spotting some poorly told lie and she’ll have us in stitches in minutes. After all there’s a reason Tidyman calls her “Mortal Sin Mary”. So the truth be told and laughter is at hand. She has spent a lifetime perfecting this art of hers and its truly made her a delight to be around, this ability to make people laugh by presenting the utter truth, after a fashion. ( the fashion being keeping them alive long enough to take their medicine and hear it!)

And I love her, so here’s to Mary and her amazing abilities to discern the truth and still love us all.

It never occurred to me before, but that has to be a very lonely and sometimes frightening place to always sense the truth, lies can sometimes be a kindness.

 Bravo,  Mary for being true, it can’t always be easy.

One response to “Mary and the light of truth…

  1. She really is amazing and wonderful, isn’t she?

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