The Best Things…

Recently my big sister Maureen came out for a visit with Marg and Kate. What a wonder that girl is. While she was out here she delighted my heart. She took a look around at all the things that I got from my Mommy and Daddy’s house and she said, “Sheila, you’ve got some wonderful things out of that old house.” And she was right.

If you look around my tiny one bedroom apartment you’ll see traces of Mom and Dad all over. There’s the old heavy wooden chairs that used to grace the back porch, pulled up to my $5 Goodwill round hard rock maple table, as cosy as could be. It’s topped off by another Goodwill treasure,  a double brass converted oil lamp that just needed some green glass shades. 

Then there’s Daddy’s old mirror from the basement, carefully hung over my kitchen sink to check out my hair and teeth before I head out the back door so as not to scare small children.  And when you do step out the door, there in the garden is the Virgin’s statue, the one that we all chipped in for, and gave to Dad years ago, one Father’s Day. She’s in a little wooden alcove my David built for her. Gazing out and reminding us all that it really will be ok. I mean if she could take those hits and still keep going, it gives heart to all Moms everywhere… everyday. Knowing that she’s been there, and you really aren’t alone in your dreams and your hopes and your prayers for your children…

But most of all, when those girls went to leave and I hugged Mo and told her how I loved her, I realized that the feelings that were generated by that old house on Clifton Blvd. have just moved to where ever we are.  Those same feelings of love and delight in seeing that other souls that we grew up with will never abate, just the location has changed. But I’ll delight in them and love them forever. 

Family is knowing whenever I look into their eyes, I’m home again. 

And yes, I did get the best things, I’ve got them!

One response to “The Best Things…

  1. This is a great one, Ma. We really are a lucky family to have each other!

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