That Charmer Ernest Borgnine… 

You guys this is a wonderful interview with a very gracious man born about the same time as our Dad,  who’s mannerisms and charm seem just so like our Dad’s. Just the wonderful way he tells a story…it’s just great, like listening to Dad again, enthralling.

In a two and a half hour interview he never said one bad thing about a soul. Wonderful stuff his memories are made of. Take the time to be totally charmed. Ernest Borgnine, “Marty”, “Captain McHale” and “Mer Man” from Sponge Bob. Just wonderful.

2 responses to “That Charmer Ernest Borgnine…

  1. “And so on and so forth…” He is SO like Grandpa. His voice, his laugh, his talk, his modesty, his story-telling. I love it. Thanks, Ma.

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