I need a personal “Pepe La Pue'”

I just need somebody that would follow me around adoring me and tells me how pretty, smart, and wonderful I am. All while petting me and telling me just how lucky he is,”My Cheri”… O.K….Well, at least can fib really well, maybe I should look for one of those  Wall Street Accountants …that’d teach them to lie…

At this point, I’d settle for some one in a skunk outfit with a french accent.

OOOhhh , la, la…

One response to “I need a personal “Pepe La Pue'”

  1. This made me laugh out loud. I just got off the phone with Shawn, who calls me beautiful, and happily reminded him that when he gets home he’s going to pet my hands for a while as they ar aching from too much typing today. It’s the best to have a Pepe LePue.

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