Free Falling into balance…

In order for the ‘Free Market” to work businesses can’t be too big to fail.

 Because if they can’t fail…they can LIE about anything,

There’s no market punishment coming and by the way…

 the “Market” is no longer “Free”.

 It’s not Capitalism.

 Its Corporate Communism, it’s communism for the very rich supported on the backs of the millions of the very poor. 

Let’s go back to Free Market, where everybody was responsible for their own company, at least that way we all had a shot at it because we were all playing with the same deck.

Put the banking laws back on the books, the same ones that got us out of the depression in thirty nine. Put the public safety net back in place.

Corporations are always tiny enough to fail, they aren’t real… People are the one’s that should be treated as if they’re too big to fail, their lives are interdependent.

p.s. About the law, and coporations being treated as individuals under the law, then they must be able to die. Currently both corporations and humans are treated as “Persons” under the law. That needs to stop. As corporations cannot die, only people can and that should be the prerequisite for Personhood, the limit of a single lifespan to do damage or take responsiblity in.

and that’s my Soapbox of the day…

One response to “Free Falling into balance…

  1. Good soapbox…

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