And Another thing, Tax Evasion…Corporate Style

For the Bankers and Accountants and Stockbrokers that lied about worth and value of Properties (used as a tax base),  and stocks caused this economic horror that has occurred , nail them on TAX EVASION charges, or maybe RICO charges?  (federal racketeering charges)

 All I know is that if I miss paying $100 dollars on my IRS return they’re willing to charge me thousands in penalties and cart my butt off to Federal Prison. Why not these guys that have ruined the basis for our schools and libraries and very livelihoods?

After all, if Bin Ladin did this we’d be hell for leather to get them and bomb them, this was an INSIDE JOB, the greedy of Wall Street and Main Street. There’s your Corporate Terrorism. Forget CSI here’s how to murder an entire country and not get caught. Get in a position of power and steal them blind with lies about their tax base and then you can shut down schools and libraries and get city services cut, throw the entire market into a depression …you name it and still make one hell of a BONUS. I’ll say, taking out an entire country! 

It’s been our own greedy ELITE.

I say if the Tax Evasion charges were good enough to take out Capone, …the amateur home wrecker that he was. Then they’re good enough to take out these clowns. After all these greedy guys  have left millions of children homeless, and destroyed our economy with their lies. They make Capone look like a stand up guy. 

It can’t get better till somebody tells the truth, bites the bullet on the real value of things. For Christ’s sake, their just things, not people, this isn’t rocket science. Do you remember what your Mom said?

Don’t lie, It’s just too hard to keep it up. One lie leads to another and another and another.  

After all somebody once said America could only be destroyed from within. He must have met some of our wealthiest Bankers and Insurance Executives, soulless lot that they are.

I say if it’s too big to fail, Nationalize them! Banks and the Insurance industry and while your at it take over those utilities, after all what does that constitution read? “Life , Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” well the last time I looked it took a home and heat and medical care to ensure those promises. Pull the plug on Wall St, after all they haven’t hesitated to pull the plug on the American Public!  

And for God’s and Earth sake start up that National Rail service and stop auto production. These cars are killing us in more ways than one. Outlaw their use except for emergency and employ hundreds of thousands with good benefits getting a rail system up and running. Do it NOW. Stop those toxic fumes from poisoning one more baby girl with asthma. And end our dependence on foriegn oil in one fell swoop. Who cares if the Arabs are rich? This will just cut off our dollar stream to them. They’ll be fine, China and Russia will pick up the slack and we can leap into the future without worrying about oil reserves. Go Solar or wind or renewable energy.

Now there’s all the answers you’ll ever need. Don’t lie and don’t pee in your own sandbox. Ever.

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