To Frilly; in honor of nicknames…

When we were little, my well beloved brother Willy used to torture us with all kinds of  nicknames.This was during the earlier part of our sibling (LOVE-HATE) relationship.  I think it was part of his arsenal of defense against his eight sisters, this name calling stuff, but then some of those names where too good to pass up on and those stuck.

 My littlest sister Kelly was called “Teardrop” or “Babe-A-Doo”, either one set her off into tears. I can remember my father coming into the living room one day after we had been teasing her and really yelling at us kids… saying just how we should stop calling her “Teardrop”; Then he turned to her and said, “Come on, Babe, I’ll take you to lunch.”

   Now my brother had earned some serious anger from his sisters by his hijinks and name calling, so it was with great glee that we started calling Will, “Frill” or “Frilly Willy” but even that eventually mutated into “Wilber” for Will. 

  He had christened my talkative sister Mary Ellen “Mona”, I thought because she whined. Nope, she was really to be called “Mona Bird” as in Mina Bird because she NEVER stopped talking. Then there was Anne who became “Fansis” or “Fanny Paige”. Not a clue as to why…and Margaret who became “Pigert” because she asked to be called “Peg” or little tiny Therese who became “Itsa Bita” and sometimes is still referred to as “Itsa”. Kate, Will’s hero for all her patience and trips to “Bob’s Big Boy”, for Diamond Jim sandwiches,  became “Katebrat”, and our oldest sister Maureen, became “Queenie” (she who is not pleased, and still must be obeyed!). And finally, just like years ago in Cleveland when you’d watch “The Barnaby Kids Show” at noon,  and the last thing he’d say is, “If anybody calls, tell them Barnaby says hello.” Well, If anybody calls you can tell then you read this and Sheila, er I mean “Oinkis” says hello! We won’t go into details…

One response to “To Frilly; in honor of nicknames…

  1. This is hilarious!!!

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