The Chatty Cathy Shoot out

Years ago one Christmas, my parents gave three of us kids a “Chatty Cathy” doll. Now at the time these dolls were revolutionary they had a little pull string at the back of the neck with a plastic ring attached and when you pulled it the said some pretty needful things. Chatty was built to need constant reassurance. “I love you, do you love me?”, “Take me with you.” well my brother got very tired of hearing the demands of one doll let alone three  and there was a massacre in the basement where he lined up the three chattys and blew their little voice boxes out. I guess getting him a bee bee gun that christmas wasn’t the best idea.

3 responses to “The Chatty Cathy Shoot out

  1. Three Chatty Cathies and a BB gun. The perfect storm…

  2. My dear Sheila, I was in awe of all of you when you were just 10 houses away…I was spellbound by all of you when you moved to Clifton. And I am now so completely amazed by every single one of my Spellacy cousins. Each one of you shows me how to love without reservation with every move you make. I feel Aunt Rena and Uncle Bill in you all every time we meet — their smiles, their wisom, their humor, their love, all of them in all of you. And you, my dear, your joy for life oozes from your every post….I stayed up late last night and read every story. I am honored to be your cousin,
    With great love and admiration,

    • Dear Eileen,
      I’ve got to tell you, you sustain me. I have such a feeling of great joy coming back from this work; I can’t even call it work but the best playing time I’ve ever had. And you with all your wonderful work and stories have to try this. I can still remember sitting about you at a family party and just howling at some of the hilarious stories you told. (shades of Angela’s Ashes) It was tough just to get a seat near you! I love you and that boy of yours gets his talent from his Mom, start writing Eileen, and next time notice at the family parties everybody lines up next to the best storyteller, and there’s not a seat to be found around YOU when you start telling stories and laughing and talking, it’s GREAT.
      Love you

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