John & Nora(Honora Hartney) Spellacy timeline…

1803:   John Spellacy born Ireland….1803 Rebellion Robert Emmet hanged drawn and quartered in Dublin  …. U.S. buys Louisiana Purchase from France to finance Napoleanic Wars

1804:  Thomas Jefferson President sends Lewis & Clark make their westward journey and Aaron Burr kills Alexander Hamilton in a duel

1812:  War of 1812 ; 2nd War Between American and England

1814:   English burn Washington D.C.

1817: Work on Erie Canal begins

1826:   First Steam Locomotive

1830 Mormon Church Organized

1837 Victoria assumes British throne

1838 Charles Dickens writes ” Oliver Twist” a vision of current life among the poor in England

1839  January 6, 1839 Night of the “Big Wind” …in February John Spellissy marries Honora (Hartney) in Cabinteely Parish, Ireland 2/12/1839

1841  Mathew Spellissy baptised 6/20/1841

1844 Mary Spellissy daughter of  John and Honora Spellissy baptised 1/5/1844 Ireland  …Morse dispatches 1st Telegraph message


1846 Anne Spellissy daughter of John and Honora Spellissy baptised 4/22/1846  Ireland

1846-1849   Emigration time     Between April 22,1846 and July 31, 1849

Somehow those 2 little girls disappeared between their baptism in Ireland and their parents arrival in the United States between 1846-1849, Mathew the oldest son is the only child to survive the trip.  

1849  John and Honora Spellacy are in Burlington, Vermont UNITED STATES where baby Honora is baptised July 31, 1849* baptismal certificate

1851  John and Honora Spellacy are in Schaghticoke, New York where Michael is baptised in December 1851. *baptismal certificate

when the famine hit in Ireland John was 42 and Honora was 27, in 1845

One response to “John & Nora(Honora Hartney) Spellacy timeline…

  1. What very brave people to survive so much.

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