The Wishbone…

Once upon a time there was a lady who really liked her life of sitting around and writing and just generally delighting herself to all hours, finding things that made her laugh. And then one day she had a taste for some Turkey, and she said…”Oh Husband Dear, could you please pick me up a turkey on your way home from a hard day’s work ? And I will cook it and we will give thanks for your work and our happiness and all our blessings, and have a delicious dinner. “Well  sure”,  said the stout lad, and sure enough that evening he bought home a lovely turkey breast for the wife to cook.  And the wife was not thankful. She had in her gluttony…and wanted the whole damn turkey drumsticks and all.

 She was such a crabby wife. Well she cooked the  turkey and later made soup out of the carcass and then she found the wishbone and hung it up to dry on a cupboard knob. The wife thought to herself, why I’ll just break the wishbone myself and that way my wish is sure to come true.

That selfish old wife never realized that wishes are only good is you share them. Well, she broke the wishbone by herself and she got her wish of fame and money.

But she had nobody to enjoy it with because forever after she always wondered if her husband only loved her for her money. So now she had money but no love, not a good deal. So always share your wishes, they’re only good if everybody wins.

Sure enough, wishes are meant to be shared and by not sharing her wishbone, her wish became an “Order “, a  “life sentence”,  one of those things in the end you wish you could wish away. Time for another Turkey…and this time share the wishbone.

One response to “The Wishbone…

  1. Interesting little tale. I like the moral of the story.

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