Magnetic Attraction at the local “Goodwill”?

I was shopping as usual at my local Goodwill (which happens to be in a pretty Ooh-la-la vacation resort area) and what to my wondering eyes should appear,  but Recently Rich people shopping along side of me. I could tell because they were buying the donated $50 Coach bags (all three of them) , pace yourself I thought! At this rate you won’t last a day!

    And I honestly don’t know what it is about me, but the minute I pick up a shopping cart it seems  it suddenly becomes magnetized. And I swear every other customer is mysteriously drawn to my cart  They MUST IMMEDIATELY PASS my cart. Just like in “Star Trek”, you would think the thing had tractor beams on it. The same thing happens at the Grocery Store. I should have had this much magnetic attraction as a young girl…I’d have been a STAR!!

 Go figure, never before in this life have I been able to generate this magnetic attraction…at least that’s what I thought until I talked to our Kate. She assured me, as middle aged women we are totally invisible., so it’s not that people are radically attracted to me, they don’t even see me.

 But there’s a flip side to this age and cloak of invisibility thing you know…Superheroes use it all the time. It’s the time of your life and if you have the God given ability to just fade or blend, use it to your best advantage and you can really do some good for someone without making a big deal out of it. Think of it as your cloak of Invisibility, and have a blast. 

But this whole invisiblity thing,  leads me to understand why some women choose to practice either outrageous fashion or behavior in their later years. They just want to be recognized as existing no matter what. When I was little we lived next door to a wonderful lady with a rooming house, Mrs. Monk. In order to get by she had a Beauty Shop in the back of her house and she rented out the rest to single women boarders. She had one older lady that stayed with her who always dressed entirely in purple. Our very own “Purple Lady” literally, shoes , dresses, gloves, hats…the whole shebang, even her feather boa. And that little dumpling had such a crush on my Dad, she was  forever saying “Helloooooo, Bill!’ My, I haven’t thought of the Purple Lady in years…it was kind of sweet too, the way she doted on Dad. If he was outside she would appear within minutes, waving her little purple gloved hand. I’m sure she thought if it wasn’t for those pesky nine kids and wife,  she could have courted him.  

If nothing else,  she knew with that wardrobe at least the world would see her.

And I do believe the next time I peruse Goodwill, I’m getting a little purple to remember her by.

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