Septembers are always about letting go…

First when they are really little you have to put them into daycare in September and it just seems so appropriate when the skies are all gloomy and overcast. Then there’s first grade…all day they’re gone. Then there’s a wealth of Septembers of laughing and fighting and trying to get everybody to their various schools on time. And suddenly there off to college. Where you only have the chance to see them off once. And then the Military, and then the graduate school, and then the job far away. There’s always Septembers and I’m really getting to hate the  month totally. I say let’s just skip Septembers from now on and just go right to Halloween…trick or treat! It’s got to be better than all these horrid goodbyes. I guess I don’t take change well and this September our family will be having a lot of changes. One is off to the West coast and the other is off to the South. Now I know I can always jump into a car or plane and scope them out in a few hours but just for the moment I’m already missing them and I think I better get busy planning that trip….back to triple A  for a trip tik to hither and yon…can’t let those rascals belive they’ve escaped my clutches for a MOMENT…ya babyheads!

It’s  really a sign of success as a parent, when the kids are not only big enough but strong enough to leave the nest and take off.

 Out of the nest! These guys, (my twins) took off for college about a decade ago and from there graduate school in Washington D.C. and a stint in the Military and they haven’t been in the nest for a decade, I’m just still trying to lead that damned parade.

 But once again my kind brother in law Kevin was right, I should put that baton down quietly and stop trying to lead the parade and tell these guys how to live their lives and just get into the stands and start cheering…I have every reason, these two are extraordinary! And I am so so proud that they can do these strong things.

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