Grilled Chicken and Basil Tomatoes

The absolute best. Smoky flavor over fresh garden vegetables with tender grilled chicken. Can be done on the balcony on a hibatchi!

you’ll need;

2-4 Chicken breasts

2 Large tomatoes

3 Tbsp Basil

4-6 pieces Italian Bread

1 Large red onion

4-6 cloves garlic

6 tbsp oil

2 tbsp vinegar

Get your grill up and going…

Chop your garlic and put it into a bowl with the oil and put it in the micro for a minute. Slice your Red Onion into fat enough slices to grill, and brush them with the oil mixture and grill few minutes each side, then set aside. Toast the 4-6 pieces of Italian Bread and brush them with the garlic oil too. Grill them 1 minute per side. Set them aside. Same with the chicken, brush it with the garlic oil on both sides and put it on the grill about 7-9 minutes per side.

Chop Tomatoes and place into large bowl add Basil, add remaining garlic oil , add vinegar and toss. Then cut up grilled fat red onion slices and add them to the salad, and finally cube the toasted grilled bread and to the salad mixture. Use large spoon turning salad till oil and vinegar is mixed into the bread/tomato/onion/basil  mix. Serve on the side of your tasty grilled chicken. Enjoy! Fresh, fresh, fresh! ( the trick is to add the bread last so its still a little crunchy when served.)

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