My dear sister Kate had me rolling in the aisles with this one. It seems she and another sister (Anne) were out and about and happened to overhear a conversation where a woman and her friend were talking when suddenly all conversation suddenly came to an end. “What is it?” her puzzled friend asked, “Why can’t you go on?”, the woman who had been talking summed it all up this way…”Penguins!” Well, they both burst out laughing and laughing and the one woman said to the other,”I know just what you mean. It seems as if your thoughts are Penguins on Ice Floes and sometimes a single thought will suddenly jump off the Ice floe and dive underwater. It had been right there within easy reach but then like a Penguin diving into the deep off an Ice Floe…it’s gone.”

Penguins…they’ll stop a conversation dead and start the laughter…Penguins!

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