The Mighty Snowflake…

The total energy of all the radio waves ever recorded BARELY equals the force of a single snowflake reaching the ground.  In the Video “Infinite Voyage”(1987) which was written by Steve Eder this statement was made.  And it just amazes me, the very thought of it.

The total energy of ALL the radio waves EVER recorded barely equals the force of a SINGLE snowflake reaching the ground. 

 That’s one mighty snowflake.

It’s as if we are a baby only looking at our fists and so surprised. Imagine if we could rise and walk. Even as Scientists we can only go into things smaller than us. We simply cannot go into anything bigger than us because we can’t conceive of it.

 We only believe what we can see with our eyes. Whether through a microscope or telescope. But the very acceptance of our eyesight as a final test,  limits us immediately to only what we can see, and yet we know the universe is composed entirely of whatever we can imagine. If you can imagine it. It is possible.  All that is required is your unending belief, and here we are again…taking things on faith….after all the classes after all the professors after all the explanations and theories….the only thing that has ever really mattered is your faith and perseverance. There’s ENERGY.

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