Ideas to make my husband laugh…

I can picture it now. I was thinking I would make my husband laugh if I tried to make a obscene phone call to him at work. But then upon further review I decided it probably wouldn’t go well, as I have a breathing problem huffing and puffing on the phone would just terrify him and not get the laughs I was looking for. So maybe If I asked , “What are you wearing?” but knowing my Beloved, he would just tell me ,”Ummmm  well  Honey,  my overalls, my work boots and a cap”,(he works in a lumber yard)  Still sounding puzzled I can see him kindly asking why I was calling, was I OK? And then telling him, this is my attempt at an obscene phone call…now that WOULD make him laugh! As Clint Eastwood said, Make my day! And mine is making him laugh. Have a good one!

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