Therese and the gray plums…

Our own “Wednesday Adams”, Therese Collette, had some rather peculiar peccadillo’s as a child. Now here was a child who for all intents and purposes scared Adults. I just LOVE being her sister. She had the same long dark hair, the same self-possessed assurance and most of all the look in the eye of a child who was wise beyond her years. Hell, she was wise beyond Anybodies years. Maybe that’s where her daughter Emmy gets it from, it’s genetic.

Anyway one day when she was little (say 4 or so) she wandered down to the basement in that tiny house on West 114th where all things went to molder and get lost or dusty, and she stumbled across an old metal storage cabinet with doors standing open and with some really dusty glass jars inside of it. Now we had been told repeatedly to leave these alone, but as she was feeling a little peckish she opened one of those old glass jars filled with these gray round blobs. She stuck one on each finger and proceeded to pop them off one at a time into her mouth. Delish, she thought and reloaded then went up the steps into the kitchen where my mother just about had a heart attack, when she turned around from washing dishes and saw her there popping them off her fingers into her mouth one at a time. Mom’s eyes got round and large and then her shoulders slumped and she said , “Oh well..if they haven’t killed you yet they must be ok.” At least that’s Therese’s version. I’m sure my mothers would have been a little scarier. But I can still see her standing there, maybe that’s where the Indian or the Scots comes out. She was such a fierce steady scary little kid…and she wasn’t ever the biter. That was the other scary kid, Anne.

Anne was another silent one. I can remember a story about a little old man reaching down to pat her hand on her tricycle when she out was riding it in front of the house. That’s when that darling little one silently bent over and  took bite.

 She took  a chunk out of that old man she did.  Teach him to pet strange children! And these were my KIND sisters, as children…enough said.

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