Such a wonderful Katie O’Sullivan face…

Years ago my sister Therese had a bosom buddy named Katie O’Sullivan, this girl could make you light up and smile with just a glance and a raised eyebrow from across a room. She made St. Paddy Day it’s hysterical best with her stories and laughter. Well, I found somebody who tells stories like our Katie O and even looks a little like her, those eyes twinkling with laughter but first I’d like to quote a piece from a book she wrote, “Last Chance Saloon” Marian Keyes…

“All that praying you made us do, complained Maggie. And making us go to Mass. And starving us on Good Friday…and making us feel ashamed of our bodies and guilty about absolutely everything. No, Ma , you were the pits.” Nuala glowed with pride, truly she had been the best of Catholic Mothers.” 

I read this and laughed and laughed and had to go to her website and take a look, she even has a little short story on there that’s terrific. Take a look. She’s wonderful. Funny thing, That short story, it’s about an Angel, and that’s just as our Katie O would be about now…an Angel with lots of Laughter! Just wonderful.

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