The Good News !!!

I feel like saying…”and now a word from our Sponsor”…(God). It seems that the town of Fairfield, near Cincinnati is home to a real hero. Kevin Brown’s instincts told him something was terribly wrong when he heard a woman screaming at that certain pitch that indicates terror or madness. He was on his way back to work from a lunch at home when he heard the screams. He did the right thing. I won’t say unconsciously or without thought because if this particular Man got back to work on time he had a bonus coming. But he still turned back. He did the right thing. When he got there he found a guy pinned under a car. Without a thought this time he lifted the car. He could only lift it enough that the guy could continue to live and breathe. He suddenly was joined by a total (perfect) stranger who with their combined strength could lift the car high enough for the injured party to roll out from under it. This 2nd good Samaritan remains nameless in the article that I found online. But the victims name was Nicholas Roark. Type that in your google search engine and restore a little of your faith in humanity. It’s out there. You just have to look for it, all the time. That’s your responsibility…go looking for the GOOD stuff.

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