Fast & Loose at the bank…

 Years ago I can remember playing rather fast and loose at the bank. When those A.T.M.’s first came out I was hot on it. A machine that spit out money…now there’s a stock I should have bought. Well one day in my travels with the kids in the back seat I stopped at the bank branch on Warren Rd. in Lakewood. The drive thru there is akin to a cattle shute…there’s three machines staggered so that they can all be used at once, however after they’re used  all lanes file down into one lane to exit out of the drive. 

   So I pull up all happy and planning way ahead to shopping at Marc’s Store across the street and maybe a fast food lunch for me and the kids and just dreaming about what I’ll be buying with my $40 lovely dollars when all the sudden I hear from the machine…”Get Outta here…you know you have nothing left in that account! ” Well, I was stunned, how did it know? Could It recognize my tires, what? 

Then all the sudden I could hear laughter in the next A.T.M. aisle. It was my sister Anne…having a ball, yanking my chain. What a girl. Happy Belated Birthday you rascal, you still make me laugh, and I love you. Siblings, they can’t help it.

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