Raise that Christmas tree; toss that Turkey!

I have a very dear friend who is amazing, she in the middle of recovery now from some knee surgery and prior to that physical insult she’d had heart surgery some time ago. Now recoveries are a little longer. But my money’s on her. She’s about 6’2′ in her stocking feet,  and in my eyes stronger than any 10 men. Damn near raised 5 kids singlehandedly.

There are some “real life adventures” with her that in particular makes me laugh, true story…I can remember going over to her house the day after  Thanksgiving when her kids were still little and hearing about a “Turkey Toss”, she had gotten so miffed at her kids and then spouse that she she tossed the  completely cooked  Turkey, then the succeeding “fixens” right out the front window onto the lawn. 

This tall hauntingly beautiful Titan had a flip side, she did not tolerate fools. Combine that with some heart problems and I can remember getting a call to come over as she was sick, and I went over and the oldest had already called the ambulance and the spouse was on his way home from work and we all just waited for the ambulance. Scary, scary stuff for those kids. After the ambulance and the spouse left, I turned to her one daughter who was quietly crying and  told her…”bosh”, your Mother’s pretty tough, she’ll be fine, why she’ll be hanging about your Thanksgiving table thirty years from now still complaining! Well, that little girl looked first terrified, then amazed and then really mad at me. BUT, she wasn’t crying anymore. Righteous Indignation trumps pain every time. 

And sure enough, my favorite “Turkey Tosser” , is on the mend again. She’s going to be just fine. Meanwhile, I’m gonna stay out of range of that well mended knee and foot.

But She knows I miss her… and I love her.

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