Sights to see on the Marblehead Peninsula…

  1. Marblehead Lighthouse & Keepers House; Marblehead, Ohio off Rt. 163
  2. Original Keepers House…Old Wolcott Cemetary; Marblehead, Ohio off Rt 163 
  3. East Harbor State Park; Longest sand beaches in Ohio take 269 north and follow signs
  4. Quarries on Alexander Pike and Quarry Rd; off St. Rt. 163 directly across from Kelleys Island Ferry in Marblehead (Lakeside Daisy grounds)
  5. Meadow Brook wetlands; Amazing work by the Danbury Trustees and the Nash Family
  6. Johnsons Island; Confederate Cemetery…all that remains of a Civil War Prison.
  7. Lake Point Park; Beautiful place for a picnic lunch 
  8. Quarry Conveyor 24/7 and Mountains of Limestone ; just before Downtown Marblehead
  9. Lakeside Community; Pretty Expensive entrance fees until Labor Day.
  10. Prehistoric Forest; A blast for kids young and old!
  11. Cemetery across the road from Biro Manufacturing and at the end of their parking lot between two fence posts is the the entrance. (for great panoramic views of the Quarry, terrific in Fall)
  12. Fulton nearby Port Clinton is also = DeLery portage= The End of the Old Sandusky-Scioto Indian Trail, it became General Harrison’s Trail of 1812. It’s in nearby Port Clinton  it’s is where they ran a brush fence across the width of the Peninsula to corral General Harrison’s Mens Horses until they came back from Canada in the War of 1812 after the battle of the Thamses.  Those Pioneer Men and boys portaged their boats and marched across Fulton when it was just and Indian Trail and were hauled out to Perry’s ships bound to take them to the Battle of the Thames in Canada,  Fulton  is the end land part of the Scioto Indian Trail in Ohio that leads to Detroit. I wonder if Simon Kenton was taken this way as a prisoner, that time that Simon Girty saved his life?
  13. Also for more information and maps click on   then click on Parks & Historical sites.

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