Laughter from the I.C.U. (the best medicine)

Sometimes you just gotta wonder,  Thousands in tuition for us as kids and yet we’re just not so swift on the uptake…Years ago my Dad suffered a Cardiac Arrest and was confined to an I.C.U. unit at a local hospital. Well when he came to and was well enough they bought in a spelling board and he proceeded to point out “I” to my sister Mary who said, Yes, Dad, I see YOU, YOU see me?

 Dad tried again, this time he spelled out “I…C…” Mary said again “That’s right Dad, you’re in I C U…and everything going to be OK…we’re all here and …Once again Dad tried” I…C…E…” so again Mary tried again and on and on and on. Until finally she got it… ice…all the poor guy just wanted was some ice. 

God love him.

And then there was my wonderful nephew…the Brain, the Ivy Leaguer. This handsome kid had attended the finest schools and aced every one of them. He’ 6’4″ and a former football player so it’s not like he doesn’t think fast on his feet! But sure enough…he showed up to visit his Grandpa and was stumped when he pressed the intercom identified himself and the nurses said “come on in” he couldn’t figure out how to get the doors to the ICU to open. He called his Grandpa’s room and his aunt Mary told him…look for the GIANT silver button by the door…push that. Then she looked at Dad told him the story and that happy grin appeared on his face, all Mary said was “how much tuition do you think Marg’s got into that boy…and he can’t open a door?”

I think it made her feel better about the Ice.

ICU’sare just tough places to be and you’ve got to take your humor where you can find it there. Luckily,  Dad had us to count on for a consistent supply. I can remember going to visit him and my brother Will was there at the same time. He looked at us both and made motions like “go home”, “get outta here” …well…Will looked at my Dad and said, that’s alright for Sheila to go Dad, but please don’t send me home…think about it…5 kids and a wife!  Again with the slow happy grin. He was wonderful and Will’s just like him.

One response to “Laughter from the I.C.U. (the best medicine)

  1. He was always the same guy, that Grandpa. 🙂 So funny and wonderful.

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