A River Collage…

   Your life is like a Collage of pictures along a beautiful River. As you pass through your life’s experiences, those snapshots of your life and where it touched others takes its place on the banks of that river. Snapshots from childhood hilarious aggravating human ….memories of your kids and how they grew and grew into amazing souls that leave you humbled and thankful to God for letting them into your life. How lucky you were to meet that strong soul of a Man, long after you thought that was an option.  Sure you’ll each have your Rapids, there will be many times you just know no one is steering the boat (let alone paddling!) but you’ll get by and suddenly your boat will slow and you’ll look around and be amazed at what you’ve accomplished. A life filled with love and strength and certainty that it was well worth the trip. The river is just a collage of time different for each generation but built the same, with the same hits and misses. Each generation just has their own different campsites , homes, etc. but the joys and sorrows remain the same. Equal. For every Cemetery there is a Delivery Room, and for every grave there took two lovers. Life’s messy and that’s ok, it’s meant to be felt and loved. And on that note; don’t forget … You can always make more Money, you can never make more life.

   Make more snapshots, today! Take your True Love or your Baby boy or girl and give them a great memory today. Whether it’s amazing Mountains or quiet waters or a water balloon fight with Grandma do it today. And the day will never pass away in their memory or yours it’ll be up there on the bank of the river just calling you back to enjoy.

One response to “A River Collage…

  1. Lovely. I think it’s one of my favorites.

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