Ohio; The price of the Future…

     Ohio, the price of the future has become closing libraries and opening Casino-like Slots at Racetracks. Starving our Educational systems and suckering our public that can least afford the vice of gambling away from Education and hope and intelligence into another legal addiction. This current Idiot Governor Ted Strickland must be stopped. Someone, you and me all of us Ohio Residents must take on Ohio’s Government Representatives by their collective short and curly tiny hairs and minds and explain to them the future they’re creating where the Libraries are gone altogether or closed…but the Slots are open 24/7. Nice job you bunch of  thankless brainless shortsighted greedy political leaders. Thanks to you the future leaders of Ohio will be found at the head of the unemployment line struggling to fill out the forms. Nice legacy you political goofballs with smart moves like these I can see your headed for national office…because you’re USELESS in fact downright HARMFUL to Ohioans.

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