You haven’t got time to hold a grudge…

      I just read the headlines on Google and Yahoo…It seems as if you don’t have time to hold a grudge anymore. If the Swine flu doesn’t get you, it looks like that lunatic in North Korea will have dibs. Or the Terrorist or the disease of the month or Whatever. The point is, you should make your life full of value with things that count. Like your family and friends and anyone lucky enough to cross your well lit path now. It shouldn’t be sad , it should be a celebration of every joy, hilarious moment and bit of breathless humanity you can fit into it. Every moment, treasure the ones around you and smile more and live like you are dying, because you are. Whether your on the Express bus or Amtrak all roads lead there make no mistake so enjoy the path and delight those around you. They’re the only ones in your world anyway.

      And every day you ignore this factoid and think you have time to “get even” , hold spite, hurt the ones you love, you’ve blackened your soul a little more and wasted another day. The good news is your reading this. So start by calling those you’ve hurt and apologising and stating the obvious. That you care. Or the phone call wouldn’t even be happening. Do it now. Don’t wait another moment for your Mom, sister, friend to SEE  just how right you were.

    You’re only right when if you die the people you love love you back. Get busy. If your anything like me…you’ll be dialing all day.

       All I know is that the power of positive and love leaves more people being sorely missed (like my Dad was and still is), than the power of evil  or negativity does. Nobody wants to be around the Crab, nay sayer. Hell, I’d venture to say even the Crab is looking for a positive influence and occasional hug. Be that one.

One response to “You haven’t got time to hold a grudge…

  1. This is SO TRUE! Good advice…

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