Crazy Cookbooks…

I am not a vegan. I love meat, sugar, fat and salt. Unfortunately it looks like these guys got me pickled and now I have to find my way back to healthy on that yellow brick road called clean eating. No messy creams, gravies, butter, sauce, mayo…and I’m sure the price of Miracle Whip will drop off the scale. Just as my weight will also. I’m going on what is called a “Paleolithic Diet” (shades of Cro-Magnon Man!) . A journey back in time, where it was every carrot for themselves and in the journey for some great recipes I’ve found some hilarious titles of Cookbooks…

“Cooking with the Dead”

by Elizabeth Zipern, a cookbook by and for “Deadheads”,  followers of the “Gratful Dead” Band or anybody who wants to take their cooking skills and meals on the road.

“Cooking with one foot out the Door”

by Polly Pitchford, I swear that’s her real name. Fast easy cooking.

But the title really had me laughing, I thought it said “Cooking with one foot in the Grave”. Yipes….I’ve already had all those recipes. And while fat filled creamy things are delicious I’m looking for a  slightly healthier clearer system. Anyway these two Cookbooks promise to be worth the wait at the library, so I’ll just go online with my little library card and put those two on hold. Bon Appetite , and here’s hoping you’ll see a lot less of me soon!

One response to “Crazy Cookbooks…

  1. Yay Mom! I believe in you! 🙂

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