We’re all a bunch of Flakes….

Snowflakes that is. In a recent drug study on the effects of a new drug on Lupus the spokeswoman for the drug company stated that  each patient was like a “snowflake” no two the same. What caught my eye about the article was the fact that the company working on this is called “Human Genome Sciences, Inc.” , now the name alone tells me that their at least starting with the correct premise. We’re all so different, yet if they can just find that common denominator and get on with the cure. But I really like that they’re starting out at this end of the field (our uniqueness) and narrowing it down to what is possible for most. Good Luck.

I suspect the answer is in the question. In plain sight, “because that which sets us apart also unites us in the need”. 

But now I’m getting pretty flaky…

One response to “We’re all a bunch of Flakes….

  1. I like how this one seems to start where it ends. Is that quote right, though? Maybe I’m understanding it wrong.

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