Common Denominators…

    Where the rules hold true for everybody. You’ll find these things are always the same…after their first visit to a Chiropractor people are universally astounded to find they’ve been walking uphill their entire lives. It turns out that one leg is shorter than the other. The only universal thing about this is that it is always a surprise to the patient. And they universally believe (every time) that they are one of the few with this terrible disorder. Every patient, every time, every chiropractor.

   I should say not. We are perpetually off kilter, it’s the human condition and I’d venture to say that just as you would find two faces in the mirror should you hold a piece of paper over one side at a time, the two side of the body were meant to vary. Otherwise we wouldn’t from conception grow towards the center. That’s how an embryo grows, from the back to the front, the sides to the center. A balance, a ying and a yang, Two halves making a whole. 

   Obviously, we learn to compensate for these discrepancies. If that’s what they are, and not just the very thing that makes us human. These two literal sides of our mass that we must coordinate to move forward. I mean you don’t see people generally staggering down the street, bockety, bockety…So that ability to achieve balance must be one of those miracles our bodies are built to compensate for. Between the tiny canals of the inner ear and the miracle of our nervous systems I’m stunned by the human body…but most of all by the hilarious tunnel vision of us humans to believe it’s only happening to us.

   We’re the only one’s with a shorter leg. The only ‘bockety, bockety” walker in the group. In the history of the world the only one with problems so strange. There’s that  Common (hiliarious)Denominator  again. My, you must be that staggering human…what a surprise.

One response to “Common Denominators…

  1. I like this, and you’re so right. Our little flaws and differences really are a common denominator among us, but we’re all completely sure that in our own personal case these little discrepancies are completely and utterly uncommon, setting us apart from the crowd of other equally flawed and different people.

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