People like Kate, Sue, Earl, Mary, Therese…

I’m just sitting here (actually I was laying in bed but had to get up to write this) thinking about my Cousins Sue and Earl and the “Butterfly Effect”. For years I ‘ve read repeatedly that a persons actions in this life have reverberations for centuries. Now I believe it.

    Months ago as my nephew lay dying and his last wish was to get home again our Cousins made that happen. In the middle of the worst storm that had hit this area in a decade they were out there in snow to their fanny plowing and shoveling and keeping the way clear for that ambulance to back up to Johnny’s front door, where cousins and friends were waiting to lift the stretcher into the house. Our Kate’s boy, our young vibrant football coach/Teacher/Son to have his last wish honored.When entire cities were shutting down they were making the way for him and us to come home again, home to Geneva. By their hand and with infinite love they made the way clear for him. Sue and Earl. And Nancy and Judy and Jim and Ed and Dan and Tisch on and on and on. These are us, these are the one’s I wish to honor for their hard work their enduring love. Their making the way for the rest of us when too weary to walk. I will never be able to tell them just how much they mean to me. When my Parents died it was to our Cousins house we went for the “after prom” the hilarious stories and complete comfort of Sue and Earl’s all taken care of just such a respite in the middle of such a loss. They’ll never get just how wonderful they are. But I KNOW. And my Sisters and Brother Bill know…and we are so so lucky to have souls like that. Souls like Jude who could and does religiously practice turning tears of sorrow to tears of laughter. Nancy who’s entire life has been to help make the way easier for it a kind word or a shoulder to lean on. Jim, Ed and Dan, Tom…just thinking of those guys makes me happy. those slow smiles, those sideways looks of Jimmy’s that make me laugh so. My Cousins, my family. The Best.

What started this train of thought is that my Sisters Therese and Marg just had a “Last Party” at the old family homestead in Lakewood and all these wonderful Cousins showed up, The Cosgroves, The Tuckers, The Rauckhorsts, Uncle Leo and Aunt Zita,  It suddenly occurredto me looking around that happy laughing storytelling crowd that I was surrounded by Titans and I was at home with each of them by their very nature they take that feeling with them wherever they go. Each one backed up by so many great stories and memories, each one amazing stories of strength humor and tenacity. Funny , kind lessons in life. So if I ever need to feel that support or love or laughter all I need do is pick up a phone or stop by (hopefully with donuts or chocolate!) for wherever these souls are I’ll be happy. And that Therese, what a great party…I should have realized how terrific it would be…when I got there Kate was putting about a million “Hanky Panky” appetizers into the oven and mixing up the biggest batch of Potato Salad I’d ever seen. Coming from a Potato loving family of 9 you can just imagine. I have any number of tables smaller than the bowl for that potato salad…phenomenal.  But something tells me that just like that old FBI show, these feeling will remain the same only the locations will change but these great souls will always be family always be together. I love you guys.

**and PS Nicole, it pays to be a Attorney with a sense of humor….look where it got Abraham Lincoln!

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