Whiskey Man and Joe Remorse…

      That Kate, the one who’s view of the world is the basis for this blog, is my wonderful Sister. Yes Virginia,  she’s a real live person with such a terrific handle on this life that she just makes me laugh and laugh. Often poignant, yet frequently hilarious her insights into people and the rhymes and reasons of this life are often  right on target. Her view of this world makes life bearable even downright laughable, just as it should be.

      For years I’d been hearing her reference  “Whiskey Man”,  and his companion (on your other shoulder)  “Joe Remorse”. She claims that sometimes these two sit your shoulders while drinking and act as voluntary advisers throughout the night. She said you can almost hear Whiskey Man’s voice becoming a steady supporting hum as you have another drink. “My aren’t you smart, and so pretty tonight too, go ahead,  have another one. Why you can barely feel the effect of the stuff tonight! They’re barely touching you at all! And aren’t you feeling much better, even wonderful, now that your relaxed and happy!”

    Then there’s Joe Remorse… holding down the other shoulder. Occasionally whispering in your ear..”You IDIOT, your going to PAY for this..do you realize you have three cigarettes going?”  Then Whiskey Man will tell Joe Remorse to lighten up, stop bothering the girl, she just needs a little relaxation. My, we can tell who’s side you’ll be on. And there you go, you start out to have a wonderful night and these two start playing head games with you. You have to stop and think, cripes I even have imaginary friends when I drink…not good. And throughout the night you manage to stifle that “Remorse” guy and party on with Whiskey Man.

   Then long about time for work, after that short catnap between the bars closing and trying to pull yourself out of bed,  Joe Remorse swells with importance. Suddenly the alarm goes off and you can’t even find your hand to turn the damn thing off. That’s because Joe Remorse has grown from an elf sitting to a 500 lbs. Gorilla…who doesn’t speak your language,  and now is not going to get off your shoulder, back, hip or anything else that has a joint in it. He’s twisted you all out of shape in your sleep, you can barely stand (and support his weight) and yet, his voice drones on and on…Sure…have another they said and you did you FOOL. Now good luck finding those shoes or your car keyes or for that matter, your head.

     “You are just to old for this action”… and on and on.

Whiskey Man, such a kind and forgiving soul..if he just didn’t travel with his twin ..JOE REMORSE!

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