Hopes and Dreams…

You wait and wait to win that lottery or just fall into millions, and you just live your life with honesty and dignity and in the end, just before you die you finally win the million dollar KNOWLEDGE that no money, no matter how much, can ever change your character or the life you’ve lived or it’s meanings.  So those millions you’ve waited for… hoped for… a lifetime, have come with each and every person, gesture and contact you’ve had. You’ve won a million smiles, thousands of congratulations and lived life in a perpetual state of hope.  Pretty wonderful. A safe place, knowing that no matter what, every little thing really would be ok. And the ones that weren’t…well we’ve had each other to help get through them. What a blessing. The knowledge that you are loved like that. So even if the fabled zillions didn’t appear,  you’ve gone on to become the person you always wanted to be. You have built a lifetime of decency and character that millions can’t buy. So what do you have when it’s all said and done but a life well loved, respected and honored. A life money can’t buy.

One response to “Hopes and Dreams…

  1. This is excellent. I like the perspective.

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