Cruise People…

   Those wicked, wicked sisters of mine, but they make me laugh so. You know I don’t see them often anymore, not daily like when we were growing up but occasionally at a wake or wedding or usually because I mostly miss these events, I’ll catch them while their doing a good deed coming out here to visit me or in a drive-by visit to Cleveland. And I noticed during the latest visit out to see me a concurrence. Anne would look at Kate and nod her head and say, “Cruise People” in the middle of a conversation while trying to describe a person or group. Katie would nod knowingly and the conversation would continue. This happened a number of times between different sisters…Marg and Mary, Therese and Kate.

   Then finally the other day the mystery broke. Kate was riding back here with David and I in Therese’s van, she’d lent it to us while she’s out of town ( off to “Hunky Dorry”, but that’s a whole other story) . Kate could use this van because the musical cars of the week have her car in Geneva with her extraordinary and amazing Bill,( once again, whole other story). 

  Anyway, that Kate-Brat came clean. It seems that “Cruise People” are those people that drive you crazy. People who you just suspect of being big boring Idiots only concerned with themselves or their reputations, and  just as you start feeling  bad for thinking that way about another human being, they’ll suddenly open their mouths and confirm your gut instinct by saying  something so selfish, greedy or amazingly callow that you know you’re right. They are indeed, “Cruise People”. Step right up, we have your FREE winning ticket right here!   People who if you could, you would, buyout an entire Cruise Ship, and send them all Winning tickets. Then get that ship out far enough and sink it.

“Cruise People”, Yikes, those beloved, diabolical souls my sisters… are planning some kind of Perma-Cruise in their collective alternate reality, the place of their dreams coming true and that takes the stress of the day to day living with fools. They’re planning the whole party …serving surf and turf for the last meal, telling “winners” of the Cruise tickets,  that the slots on board only take nickels, so come with pockets full of change. Mentioning possible “Winners” to each other and dissolving into fits of giggles. I just love them, they make me so happy.

   Another thing, If Kate says…”Hmmm, there’s an Idea!” , we need to talk….

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