Daddy’s Mirror

Well Thank Goodness in this tough real estate market they’ve gone and sold the ‘Ranch”, the “Palace” the “Estate” the “Castle” on Clifton. That beautiful old house has been on the market for awhile and my sisters have worked so hard painting and plumbing and cleaning and landscaping and all of the other zillions of things to prepare a house for sale. It is now,  as my Mother saw it could be back in 1967. A show stopper. It is also great Karma. This house is such a dear place in our collective souls. I recently visisted for a few days and at one quiet point stood in the basement near my Fathers old Shower room and thinking about him realized that the old mirror that had been above the long gone hand sink was still sitting there attached to the wall. Now I know my Father greeted himself each morning in that mirror. Rain or shine, wake or wedding he stood in front of this to collect his thoughts and make sure there was nothing in his teeth and he wouldn’t frighten small children and that he was all the spit and polish his dear old Mother had raised to be sharp and fresh. And I know he was so so loved. A kinder man you’ll never meet. 

    I’ll admit, I was terribly sorry about moving along from the house. I know the bit about a “time for all things” and now it’s time for a young family to make this house vital and alive for the next 40 years, but darn it I was really going to miss where Dad and Mom were last. Then I saw the mirror and the realization that with my sisters permissions perhaps I could take it home reassured me that I would always carry a little piece of them there. Both said yes. But before I left the basement to go ask their permission I swear, I heard Dad say as gentle as can be, “Honey, I’m already here with you always.”

It was something I already knew but needed to hear.

So now I’ve got that kind old mirror with the loose gilt chipping softly off the back, hung by my door, so each time I go out the door I can look into it and know Daddy looked into it at the start of each of his days too.  All the best vibes are wishing me the best and giving me the courage and support that it’s going to be a lovely day. Always.

3 responses to “Daddy’s Mirror

  1. Perfect. It’s just right. I love this. Made me cry. Grandpa would be so proud of you and your writing, my Ma. You know how he loved a good read.

  2. Wonderful, Love that Kate. Always a good word about everyone or not a word at all. In God We Trust

    • Dear Tisch,
      Isn’t she amazing. That’s why the blog, she hasn’t a clue how great she is, but then It takes one to know one! Ive had family on my mind all day long after Therese’s party. Especially you guys, I’m trying to write something today about our phenomenal family.
      love you

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