Cheering from the stands…

Years ago when my sister Maureen’s children started to leave the nest and launch out onto lives of their own, my sister being a true Spellacy couldn’t resist the urge to manage or at least advise her chicks on just how to proceed. It took my wise Brother in Law,  Kevin to put in a succinct way that the kids no longer would need advice. He put it this way, he said, “Just imagine you’re in a huge stadium and your Team’s out there on the field..your job is JUST to cheer them on. Your in the stands now, relax.” 

   God love that Kevin, what a guy. He was the first Brother in law this family of eight girls and one boy had to torture…but he had no need of it. He was already a soft touch. Being the youngest of his Irish Family he had the good sense to marry my oldest sister (the pretty one) Maureen. So in their household they have the best of both worlds. Maureen who is ever ready to fight for the right…and our Man Kevin, who’s steadying influence has been felt throughout our family. He’s been the sure hand at the tiller for some time now. It’s like I’d written earlier, people who come from a position of power don’t shout, they don’t have to. They’re right 9 out of 10 times and they’re the voice of reason. That’s our Kevin, he almost always uses a little dry humor to help us understand the stresses of this world.

Anyway, I’ve come to appreciate his humor and wisdom. That comment about not leading the parade like a drum major, but just being in the stands cheering on our team has saved me numerous times from trying to manage my kids lives. Although I’m sure my kids don’t realize it, ’cause I kind of forget Kev’s advice most of the time until the kids tell me  thanks but no thanks…then I remember two things. 1) Kevin’s right  and  2) my children have been major successes in this life by usually doing exactly opposite my best advice…about that time I clam up and put my baton down! Tough, but I do.

One response to “Cheering from the stands…

  1. I absolutely LOVE this one. Do not change a single word… But do email it to Aunt Maureen and Uncle Kevin.

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