John Spellacy Obit “Portsmouth Times” Saturday 3/23/1889

“Death of John Spellacy”  3/23/1889

  ” John Spellacy after buffeting the storms and basking in the sunshine of a life that stretched over eighty seven years of human vicissitude laid it peacefully down at the hour of 10:30 on last Monday morning at his home near Union Mills, Ohio. Mr. Spellacy was a man of sterling integrity and was both loved by his family and honored by his community in which he lived. He was of foreign birth having been born in County Clare Ireland in 180? he came to this country in 1841 and twenty years after his arrival in America he migrated to this county where he has lived ever since. Mr. Spellacy is survived by his excellent wife and by a large family of strong men and gentle women who will care for the loved and life long companion and smooth the path for her aged feet. The funeral took place from the Church of the Holy Redeemer at half past nine Wednesday forenoon. The Rev. Father McGrath officiated and the body was laid to rest in Greenlawn Cemetery.”  

and this is how their stones read in the “Greenlawn Cemetery, Holy Redeemer Section”

John Spellacy, born; 1803 in Clare Ireland died;  March 18,1888

Norah Spellacy, born  1818   died August 18, 1900   his wife

These are the inscription written down by my Dad, William J. Spellacy on a trip he took to Portsmouth. I’ve taken my kids to Greenlawn Cemetery though I doubt they remember it. We were on our way to see ” Tecumseh” an Outdoor Play that Daddy thought the kids and I would enjoy it. It has Huge Horses coming down those Outdoor Theatre stairs right through the audience, how providential considering who we were going to see in the cemetery). He made up a map for us to go to see the play in Southern Ohio and put Portsmouth on the map too. He even gave me a little Xeroxed copy of a hand drawn map of the Cemetery with the Spellacy plot right up front. It’s hard to miss with that big stone. Now I’m glad we drove the extra few miles and when my kids read about their Great Great Great Grandfather they’ll have a clue as to what a life he led and just who he was and maybe if I’m very lucky understand just who they are and why they are that way a little better. Because they are the BEST. They come from some tough, good and loving people, just like them.

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