The battle of the Casserole…

   Years ago I stopped by Dad’s house after work to pick up my kids…their school was within walking distance to their Grandparents and Lucky me could pick them up there after work. As I came in the back door I noticed on back porch a large pan of Lasagna…mmm I thought. I ‘ll have to have a piece of that before we take off.  As I came into the kitchen I gave Dad a hug and asked how his day went?  Pretty good, He he puttered around the kitchen washing up dishes and mixing up things in pots on the stove. Dad and my two Sisters and their collective children still lived in the old family house. I had only just left the half-way house by way of a fortunate accident that left me with enough money for a down payment on the cheapest house in Lakewood and a name for the condition that explained my occasional  “Pretzel Woman” appearance.

   I asked Dad about the dish on the back porch and he explained to me that He and Therese had both been working on a dinner unbeknownst to each other. Therese had started Lasagna, while Dad had misunderstood and thought she was aiming for some Smokin’ Chili.

 Consequently there was the most delicious pan of Hot Chili Lasagna ever created on the back porch and neither of them had any interest in it.Therese was kind of ticked she didn’t know of Dad’s handiwork until she cut into the Lasagna and saw the beans, meanwhile Dad couldn’t understand the Pasta with Chili thing Therese was doing…too many Cooks!

 I was all over that pan like a cheap suit…double the protein? Are you kidding! Meat and Beans! Me and mine scarfed that stuff up and were back for more. Yes, feeding extended family is like feeding kittens…we do come back!    

 Dad and Therese had both made an attempt at dinner in the same pot, but with different objectives…the winner being me and my kids. Now, if I could just figure a way to keep this up…

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