Don’t tell Nell she can’t drive the new car!

Years ago my Mother told me this story trying to explain her Mother’s (Nell Karnes) personality. This is one time I could see a direct connection to this lady…I could see myself doing this in a New York minute.

When World War 2 came it was at the tail end of the Great Depression, suddenly the War was on and there was a shortage of everything. And the factories were running 24/7 and there was work everywhere and my Grandmother who worked in a factory making something to do with ammunition or airplanes or something was getting all kinds of work and her husband my Step-Grandfather Jess Karnes had been running a huge cafeteria for Goodyear and was saving too. Well he went out and purchased a new car. One of the last to be seen for a while because all raw materials were being diverted to war use.

Then he had the audacity to tell MY Grandmother Nell, she wasn’t permitted to drive the car. Well, girlish little Grandma grabbed an icepick and went out into the driveway and flattened all four tires. That car sat there until the end of the war, until they could get four new tires. If Nellie wasn’t driving…well, no one was.  Needless to say Jess learned a precious hard lesson about telling Grandma NO about anything. 1st don’t do it, and 2nd … always know where your icepick is!

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