The 230 lb. Trophy Wife…

It suddenly occurred to me I’m the second wife…aren’t they usually pretty sultry? Shades of Bacall and Marylin Monroe? God love my David.  I happen to be this rascal’s “Trophy Wife”. And what a trophy wife  I am, weighing in at 230 pounds not counting the oxygen hose attached to the ever suckky machine…lovely says I!

 My beloved sat here last night having  just come in from work and I was at the Kitchen table and put a old Ray Romano appearance on Letterman up on Youtube on the Computer screen.  Well in his first bit on Letterman he did a bit about having twins and Parenting that was a hoot and David and I laughed and laughed. Then I fished around some on Youtube and found some Robin Williams stuff  and we watched that as my Dave took off his boots and chuckled. Then he got kind  of quiet.

   All the sudden I hear him softly saying as I’m chuckling at Robin, just how much he loves me and how lucky he is. Well, I like Robin Williams but I love this guy…so I was game. I turned down the volume and turned around to look at him sitting there by the back door just getting his boots off and pouring his drink…and he said it again. “You know how many guys would be having their heads chewed off right now for coming in late ? And how many Husbands would be all yelling about dinner not being ready?

   That’s why I love you. I come home to hearing laughter and jokes and I love you!”

What a guy…what a trophy wife…we’re pretty lucky out here in the twilight zone of Marbletucky, by choice. Choose well, that second time choose someone who just want’s to make you laugh!

2 responses to “The 230 lb. Trophy Wife…

  1. I LOVE this one!!! This real kind of romance is so truly rare and wonderful! You two really are so lucky to have one another!!!

  2. You are so right about Dave, he is a wonderful guy. Anyone who would marry with seven sister-in-laws is brave and wonderful man.

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