Obituary Pa’s Mother; Mrs. Mary Dugan Spellacy

The Portsmouth Times 12/28/1942

Mrs. Michael Spellacy

Mrs Mary Dugan Spellacy 80, widow of Michael Spellacy, passed away late Thursday night at the home of a son. William Spellacy of Cleveland. Mrs Spellacy maintained her own home in Cleveland but died at the son’s residence. Her husband was a member of a prominent pioneer Scioto County family that owned extensive property on which Nauvoo and West Portsmouth subdivisions were developed. There was a large family but all have died. The family was also in the contracting business. Mrs. Spellacy is survived by another son, Matthew Spellacy, who is engaged in War Work at Dayton. Mrs. E. H. Westphal, 411 Gay Street, is a cousin of Mrs. Spellacy. Mrs. Westphal’s sisters, Mrs C C Sawyer, Mrs Jacob Berdnt and Mrs Carl Rose of Cincinnatti are here for the rites. The body will arrive here late tonight and burial services will be held at 10:30 am Tuesday at Greenlawn Cemetery. Rev. W.F. Connolly will officiate and burial will be under the direction of Lynn. Mass was to Solemnized at Cleveland. the body will be accompanied here by Mr. and Mrs. Willaim Spellacy. Matthew Spellacy also will be here for the services.    12/28/1942

The above is a Obituary for Pa’s Mother, Mary Dugan Spellacy…the family story is that Michael and Mary met in Dunkirk, New York where her parents had a boarding house near the Railroad tracks and Michael came by working for the Railroad and that is how they met. I didn’t realize that Mary Dugan from Dunkirk, New York had all these sisters. It’ll be interesting to track back these names and perhaps find another generation back behind Mary Dugan, her parents, and their parents. Maybe we can find how the Dugan’s came to Dunkirk from where and what their story is.

Anyway, 1942 must have been a pretty tough Holiday Season for Pa and Grandma Spellacy, just losing his Mom and both Uncle John and Dad in the service  and the War just starting.

And another thing, my sister Margaret tells the story of how both Michael Spellacy and Mary Dugan were from large families but each was the only sibling of their group to marry and they only had 2 boys of which only one married…our Grandfather William L. Spellacy (Pa)…who now has over 70 descendants. When it comes to love, I guess it does take just one who won’t give up…

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