Power Thwarted…

Things that puzzle me in the middle of the night are our understanding and acceptance of violence to women and children. It puzzles me that Women have allowed Patriarchy’s to continue in this fashion. Then I remember…real power comes not from the ability to kill or harm or maim but the ability to create life and sustain it. That’s power. So perhaps for all the horrible overexposure where TV and movies can only find plot lines that kill and maim woman after woman and child after child we should realize that we’ve come to tolerate this horror done to women, no..to expect it. After all women have the real power of the world. The power to create humans. Anyone can kill, harm, or end a persons life. This is no challenge. You just try creating or preserving a life. Now here’s serious strength. Perhaps that’s what the world can’t forgive women for. Our ability to just survive.   

Meanwhile how about if all these brilliant writers on all these top TV shows try just for one week to get together and have NO WOMEN VICTIMS. Not a one. Or wow, no victims…jeeze there’s an idea. Do a show on  Cops or Robbers being real people with real hungry children and real humor. Don’t just show the same old same old crap. I mean…how many ways can you kill? It’s been DONE to death already.

Good book on this subject; I am the clay by Chaim Potok, read it.

And turn off that damned TV. Particularly if you are a woman…or at least start counting heads…deadheads that is and you’ll be surprised and perhaps change some things. Maybe not expose your Daughters to the radiation poisoning that is inherent in each episode of TV. Think about what the treatment of women on the box is…is that what you want your daughter to accept or expect? Now there’s child abuse and low expectations. Pull her brain away from this decidedly sexist and insanely prejudice view of women that only exist in a “civilized” world. Throw caution to the wind along with your TV and get her a library card and unlimited access to education and stand back. The best is yet to be if we give them the right tools and take out the toxins. Good Luck, it worked for me.

And now I have a brilliant, funny, compassionate amazing daughter. Enough said.

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