Uncle Matt Spellacy on 11/17/1905

According to “Coshocton Daily Age” newspaper from 11/17/1905 with a headline that read…”Sold his Farm for $150,000.00″ Quite a good deal in those days(1905). Here’s the article verbatim…

Matt Spellacy who is one of the chief members of the company erecting the new enameling plant at the head of Third street in this city has sold his farm near Hopedale, Harrison County for $150,000.00 to the O’Day Bros. said to represent the Standard Oil Company. The farm contains 110 acres and has 37 oil wells with a total capacity of 90 barrels per day. Mr. Spellacy has a habit of making sales of this calibre. Coshocton is glad to welcome a man of his financial standing.

I found this at that newspaper archive I have listed on the on the side there. FYI, you can look up three articles a day, I just put in Spellacy and this one popped up in the 1st couple! You know the word was that even if you had oil then you couldn’t sell it to anyone BUT Rockefeller ( see Monopolies & Standard Oil) because he controlled the Railroads there was no way to transport and market your oil. It looks like Matt made the best of a bad deal by selling out to Rockefeller at top dollar and then continuing to get his Railroad Contracts.

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