Full of Grace…

    Sometime I think I can see her tired old face. The Virgin Mary. Sometimes, I swear I can see that dear tired old face in traces in my sisters and cousins and womens faces on the 11 o’clock news. Faces in times of trouble but still faces, full of grace..sometimes using humor to sustain and move ever forward supporting and helping and caring for all.

   Whenever I get scared and I get to praying sometimes I’ll shorten the prayers to what I believe has the most strength…I know that phrase about Mary’s being “full of grace” is the most powerful of chants. Repeated a million and zillions times by women in all kinds of  times of terror or times of sadness…when laughter is hard to find sometimes I’ll just pray…Full of grace, full of grace, full of grace…it make me feel full of grace and a little safer also. I think that’s why I feel like I do about Mary, she above all stood at the foot of that cross and like my sisters and myself bore witness to all her own and her childrens hopes and dreams and remained “Full of Grace’. What a witness to strength.  Sometimes I think that is what it is to be a woman. To witness yet and remain full of grace.

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