Everybody want’s to live in the Addams family house…

What’s the story? I mean come on…these last few years home decorating has become “Castle Cluttering”. I mean enough with the heavy embroidery, thick tapestry, candles, sconces, velvet, satin pillows. It’s beginning to look like “Escape to Transylvania”, in the suburbs. What’s with all the tacky McMansion stuff at “Big Lot’s”. Why are all houses dressed up in the faux Riches? The next thing they’ll think of are fake portcullises at the ends of driveways…what, your kidding…they already have them, “Gated Communities?” 

 And beds…when did beds stop being just a cosy place to sleep and become a fashion statement on how closely related you are to the Princess and the Pea? I mean look, if your bed has more than four pillows, and two comforters I’d  say your compensating for SOMETHING. Can’t anybody decorate with a light touch?  I keep waiting for Igor to spring out of the closets, Marty Feldman screaming “Yes, Master!”

And this clunky Flintstone jewelery (there I’ve said it!) has to stop. I mean isn’t it enough to take two pounds of perfectly good plastic and turn it into fake velvet Drapes. Why ever would you want to turn it into a Fake gigantic 30 carat colored faux stone for your finger? Cripes you could take a guys eye out with that clunky jewerly they sell now. I swear I saw a woman prattling on and on yesterday about the Tire around her neck being the latest in fashion, everybody is wearing clunkier and clunkier earrings and necklaces. I expect to hear Fred Flintstone yell out “Wilmaaaa” at anytime now. 

Things that make me go hmmm. Wilmaaaaaa!!!

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