Life’s a gamble…

This morning over our mutual coffee my beloved told me that some of his buds are up-in-arms…it seems that anyone who has been “online gambling” is in for a rude awakening when it come to Uncle Sam. It seems that the Feds have figured a way to track peoples losses and wins and now they’ll be held accountable for all the income. 

   Somethings are just blind to me. I have no interest in them, I never had a yen to gamble. OK, I never had the money to lose either but have managed to end up losing it all anyway. The only difference is what I spent it on. Burger King, Micky ‘D’s, and of course any Bakery I should happen to drive by. Some people can’t pass a shot glass, some people can’t pass a Racetrack, but there are those of us that hang outside bakery windows as children longing for that huge Wedding Cake…thinking and planning a Wedding only around the desire for the enormous Cake. There…I’ve said it. I never really cared if I married I was only in it for the CAKE. Then the one and only time I could rationally order one and I was too goofy in love to even think about it. But someday, I’ll talk him into a re-commitment ceremony if only for the CAKE.

No…my addictions are odd you could drop me in Vegas with a million dollars and come only to find me at the closest “Waffle House”, with scarfing syrup. 

But in Hershey, Pa…well, let’s just say it could prove embarrassing…

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