The Big Headed Old Lady…

   Usually when I get tired of typing or researching on the computer I’ll haul my whale of a body over and toss it on the couch until it feels better. Then I turn on the TV and there exercising eternally is the Big Headed Old Lady. She’s always there and she’s always sweet as can be.  All the while she’s exercising up a storm. Scissoring her tiny legs or  airplaneing her little arms, she gives out a constant stream of helpful advice on different wacky things. Like…what is the dirtiest surface in your office? (I’m thinking the carpet she’s lying on)  She goes on to say…the phone, the door handles, the micro door all the while I’m thinking the CARPET…get up off that CARPET, and just rest that head of yours.  

   I just want to tell her to relax and get up. Catch your breath and rest a minute.   What the hey…really surprise that viewing audiance and have a doughnut, tell us a whopper of a lie and just laugh and laugh. But stop with this endless exercising and breathless chatter. But I suspect this sweet soul has come to depend on that exercising and a steady stream of chatter to cope. She really is very sweet, but I’ll take my donuts and laughter and maybe sometimes that wacky advice.

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