Spellacy Family History 101…

Go to Google on your computer, put in “Google books”, when that comes up click on it and when that comes up put in,

 John Spellacy Nora Hartney

What should come up is the Centennial History of Coshocton, Ohio… click on that and read the article heading M. Spellacy…this is Great Uncle Matt Spellacy up until the crash of 1913 or 1919 or 29. 

Then according to family lore he went to live with his sisters the twins Sarah and Anne because his younger brother Martin who owned a horse farm in Alton, Ohio outside of Columbus, Ohio didn’t want him living with him, so he sent him to live across the street in  a house he had purchased for the girls Sarah and Anne.

I sure it was probably a lot better that way…Matt was the oldest and used to running the show and I’m sure Martin had been running his place in Alton ( a horse farm that doubled as a bachelor rooming house) for some time already quite happily without his older brothers assistance. If you look around at the google books you can also find Matt listed on some old racing booklets. It seems that back in Ireland (once again family lore) the Spellacy’s were quite good with horses and worked with them extensively. In fact that’s what John Spellacy’s job’s was. He handled the horses when they graded the roads and railroad beds. In the old days Horses were the heavy equipment. And being very good with them just seemed to come naturally to the Spellacy Clan.  Years later one of my sister Marg’s memories was of our Grandparents William and Margaret Spellacy going every year to the Kentucky Derby. I never knew about this until I called her to talk about this finding of Matthew’s history. You learn something new everyday…how sweet for it to be about somebody you love. Now I can’t think of Grandma Spellacy without thinking about how many times she must have listened to “My Old Kentucky Home” and how many amazing Derby wins she witnessed. The more I read about these guys the more amazing they seem.

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