Some kind of Crazy…

Suicide, it’s become epidemic in our poor economic times. It’s ugly appearance has shown up in our family numerous times. I think basically because it’s been such a taboo subject each time it’s been greeted with profound shock and horror as it should be. But we should also realize just like smiling or breathing or the color of your eyes…some of it is systemic some of it is intrinsic to the way some of us are built. I was doing some family history research only to find there’s a cousin in Ireland who’s written a book on the subject. “Suicide in Ireland” by Sean Spellissy.

    It wasn’t until my Nephew’s death that I realized just how precarious our position of denial was.  Actually it never occured to me to cover this subject with my children, nieces  and nephews. I truly had never before connected the dots…I believe none of us had …yet, until one day I was talking with my Niece and I mentioned that after thinking about it, this was by my count the fourth suicide in the family. She was stunned the subject had never been discussed ala “Family Suicide 101”.

   You know it’s so bizarre, you worry about them crossing the road, going to school eating right. You try to cover every base. You spend your whole life trying to insure they’re safety, never realizing sometimes they need protection that can only be found in the knowledge that this way of suicide has been tried before and failed miserably before and damn near destroyed the very people you are trying to protect. We’ve had my nephew, my first cousin and I suspect my youngest sister, my Great Great Aunt Mary Ann Lloyd…all this on my maternal side, now we find distant cousins are writing books on suicide in Ireland ( by Sean Spellissy).  Enough, it’s out there and it’s part of us part of Depression and we need to recognize it to prevent it.

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