It’s the simplest thing,above all…be kind.

    I watched an interview with a man named Dannion Brinkley yesterday and was moved enough to go out onto the internet and look up his website and watch a 38 minute interview with this guy. This guy is an original “Cementhead” as my sister Kate would say. That, and he looks just like my favorite character Dan Connor (John Goodman) from the old tv show “Roseanne”. Already I liked him. Then I find out he has started this outreach program for Vet’s called “Twilight Brigade” to make sure no Vet (or anybody else for that matter) dies alone. This has become his purpose in life…to help the Vet’s and others with no family’s…kind of like Mother Theresa did in India…but his work is just as divine as hers as it is a vocation to him to be of service to others.It’s at a way to actually do something that matters in this life, bearing witness to another’s life.  

    What sparked my interest (no pun intended) was that this guy had supposedly been struck dead by lighting twice only to come back and then had Brain Aneurysms burst in a Airplane was told he would die again only to beat that also. But he talks about all three of his near death experiences and his witnessing of what happens afterward just left me in tears. Because it sounded so right. So terribly simple, so terribly true…it just made sense. He spoke of no “death” just a transformation of energy and an analysis done by your harshest critic… yourself. I have always known I wasn’t getting the whole picture with my poor old human eyes..but I knew in my little hard soul that people as good as my Dad, Mom and fabulous Nephews couldn’t have just DIED. It made no sense, if God doesn’t waste…then I just wasn’t getting the whole picture. Well this guy managed make me laugh and cry. Good combo. You can see it at… Go ahead take a peek, it really isn’t  all that painful to find out you really are in control of the universe and all it want’s is for you to use your powers for good. To be kind. Amazing just how little it takes. Be kind and It really will turn out well in the end…What’s that they say?…Hallelluia!

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